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What every homeowner should know about roofing.

All roofs are not the same.  Not only do they differ in color, but the best shingle styles and materials used to roof your home by a roofing contractor vary from house to house.  That's why it's critical that your roofing contrator be an expert in roofing of all types.   That is why you need United Roofing, Inc.

We know the roofing business.  We are dedicated and experienced in providing the best possible protection for your home with a quality roof that's expertly installed and designed to last. 

Materials Used.........

We only use the best materials in the business.

GAF - Recognized for the highest quality roofing material in the industry, award-winning GAF roofing products offer a variety of styles and materials.
What's more, United Roofing, Inc. roofing crews undergo extensive training to be certified as GAF installation experts, assuring you that we're using the latest and best roof installation techniques in the business.  Finally, GAF stands behind their products with a "worry-free" and "hassle-free" warranty.

Certainteed. - One of the best known names in the business, Certainteed has served the roofing industry for more than 100 years as a leading manufacturer of low-slope and steep-slope roofing products.  With one of the most complete lines of roofing products for any budget or architectural need, Certainteed's quality products come in a variety of colors and feature 25-year to lifetime warranties.

What we can do for you.........

At United Roofing, Inc.

We remain focused on the values of family, comfort, and security, because we know it's not just a house....... it's your home.  Let us help you today

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